Need a little SANITY in your family life?

When you first got married, you may have expected to live “happily ever after”. (I know I did). You dreamed of one thing and were served up a whole different reality. It may even feel as though your “happily ever after” took a wrong turn. If your family life seems filled with conflict, worry, and feeling like everything is a little (or a lot) crazy, you are not alone. Not only that, it’s actually a NORMAL phase in stepfamily and single parent life for most individuals. But you don’t have to stay there alone. If you believe you need single parent help, stepparenting help, or just need to talk to someone about dealing with exes, know that you can always approach us.

Nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen like we do.
We have walked many miles in your same shoes.

At The Bridge Across, we are on a mission to help you navigate your pathway to SANITY with a step by step system and unwavering support for single parent families and stepfamilies in need of help. You will finally break free from the worry in a chaotic and unsatisfying family life and move to confidence, empowerment, and understanding. By embarking on the journey across the bridge to SANITY, you will rise above any single parent problems or stepparent issues you may be facing, achieve more of what you dreamed about, and provide a better way of life for you and your children.

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Our premier S.A.N.I.T.Y. coaching and training services will are designed specifically to help single parents and stepfamilies in Houston:


tart the Journey With The Bridge Across and Get the Support You Need

No matter how smart, talented or educated you are, you can’t do this by yourself. We can show you how to quickly build your support team and get the help you need.


ccess Your Power by Understanding the Dynamics

Confidently navigate the unique dynamics of family life as a single parent, stepparent or stepfamily, so you feel heard and respected.


ix the Drama  by Managing Your Reactions, Fear and Anxiety

Embrace relief and peace of mind by accessing simple tools, so you focus on what you can do and have control over.


nstall New Patterns

Single parents, remarried parents, and stepparents are vulnerable to falling into repetitive patterns that can sabotage your goals.  Develop and initiate simple new patterns that make you feel so much better and yield desired results for your family.


ake Off the Responsibilities That Are Not Yours

Contrary to popular belief about family life, you can’t solve all your family’s problems, no matter how hard you try or how much you want to be able to. We’ll help you see where you can stop trying to do it all alone and how to quickly let go of the stuff that is not your responsibility but is making you crazy and dragging you down.


es to a New Story Where YOU Are the Hero/Heroine

Understanding the dynamics, seeing the patterns, and managing the drama will help you to better your life and the happiness and success of your family.  Remember, heroes are successful because they work as part of a team.

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