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Trying to move on with your life after a breakup or divorce?

Ready to commit to a new partner – and want to do it right?

If it feels like your first “happily ever after” took a wrong turn – but you are looking to understand what went wrong and how you can build a better couple life after divorce, we can show you how.

Some say embarking on a second marriage is the “triumph of hope over experience.” We can help you move beyond hope and help you address issues including:

  • Learn about healthy partnerships and how they are supposed to work
  • Overcome trauma and grief from a breakup or divorce that keeps you from moving forward
  • Understand the stages in marriage and how dating affects them
  • Learn about who you are now and what you have to offer as a full partner and whole person
  • See the warning signs and issues you missed the first time
  • Understand the potential issues involved with children, exes, family, and more
  • Find a way to learn from all your past relationships to build a future for yourself
  • Determine where the roadblocks have been for you and address them, so you can move forward
  • …and many more

Finding out whether you are ready for a new relationship – or if your new partnership will be stronger than your first marriage – can be done with focused understanding and knowledge. We help singles as well as partners to be.

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