Beautiful, isn’t it? When I first saw this picture online, it looked to me like a rocky beach with water.

Then as I looked  more closely, I realized the white was actually a flock of birds.  But when I watched the video, it was amazing.

Apparently, the photographer Ro Sahebi who was shooting the video was completely stunned by what he ended up capturing.

Our families are often like that!  The situation or problem we may be having looks like one thing, then it ends up being something completely different.

This is especially true in stepfamily and single parent life. What we think may be an “awful” situation may play itself out and be one of the best things that ever happened to ourselves or our child. Many of life’s greatest lessons are like this.  As parents and partners, we are often trying to keep difficult situations from happening (as if we think we can control other people’s actions), but ultimately, they may need to happen.

We also tend to have “tunnel vision” when we are having problems in our families.

It is incredibly important when you feel yourself “wound up” in a “problem” that is making you anxious, worried or frustated, to take a big step back.  We just never know how things will ultimately work out.

The big vision is what is important. 

The relationship is more important than the problems or challenges. 

The longer term process will yield the final results. 

Families are an ever-changing blend of relationships and experiences that take a lot of love and a lot of time.

Alot of things are temporary.  Especially as our children change and grow, and grow up.  Just because things are not happening the way you want right now, does not mean that something bigger and better isn’t in the works for you.

So take a deep breath and just consider that what is happening now that you think is “bad” or “difficult” may just be exactly what is needed to get to the big picture you want for yourself and your family. 

Enjoy the video! It is calming, and fascinating and a huge reminder:

Remember the big picture. 

Keep your big vision. 

Have faith.   It really will be alright.