My sister-in-law and her husband have this quote above their fireplace in their living room.  It couldn’t be in a more perfect place.  Individually or together, they can always find things to laugh about and find humor in things others would not (which is a special gift).

Laughter is often seen as frivolous, but I have found it a valuable ally in tackling challenges in my life with my husband, our exes, our children, and stepchildren.  I owe this to my husband who always reminds me to laugh.

My husband and I have made laughter a staple in our house, and we make sure to laugh every day, especially when we don’t feel like laughing.  Laughter can help you move forward because it has such healing powers.

In our early years, we watched Seinfeld episodes every day.

You may love another show, silly you tube videos, a certain blog, or comics.  It doesn’t matter.

Find what makes you laugh and do it everyday– and teach the people you love in your family how to keep laughing.  Intentional laughter is a habit worth learning and doing.   Yes, no matter what.

I’d love to hear what you do to laugh and what helps you???  Comment here or send me an email.