A new decade is here for me as this week I turned 50 years old!

As one of my high school friends said on Facebook, “Welcome to the club!”

Age is an interesting topic among women.  My mom never made it a big deal to turn a year older, so perhaps that is why I don’t care.  Although I will admit, I took some time this week to think about turning 50…

What I always come back to about birthdays is that I’ve lost people in my life along the way who would have loved to have lived another day, another year, another decade.

From my childhood friends, Holly, Clay, and Kemp, who all lost their lives in their teens and twenties to my stepfather Fred who died at 57, and my brother, Alan, who died at 48.

And so when I start thinking about what I wish I would have done or what I wish could be different in my life, I stop myself and remember that regardless of what is going on, life itself is a gift.

I would love to tell you all that I’ve learned in the past 50 years but I’m struggling.  Not because it hasn’t been a full life, but because its hard to sum it up in one blog post (if you know what I mean:)  And quite frankly, I still have a lot to figure out:)

“She could never go back and make some of the details pretty.

All she could do was move forward and make the whole beautiful.”

-Terri St. Cloud

But I am better at one thing… forgiving myself and others.  Which is why I love the quote above, and why I chose it for my 50th birthday.  I have found the best way to live my life is to keep moving forward each day.   I don’t have any control over the past but I can use everything I’ve learned in the past 50 years with emphasis on the last 15 years to move forward.  And I’m enormously grateful to the people in my life who help me do that including my husband, my children, my family, my friends, and the clients and colleagues who give me such inspiration.

Some days are great and some days I mess up (but now I have the skills to deal with that), and, either way, I go forward.  So 50, ready or not, here I come!  Whoo hoo!