Here’s to good women:

May we be them.

May we know them.

May we raise them.   


Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you- single moms, remarried moms, stepmoms, and all fine women everywhere who love, mentor and help raise successful women in their capacities as teacher, aunt, businesswoman, and community volunteer.

As the quote above suggests, it’s not just mothers who raise good women, it’s all the other women in our lives as well. Knowing and being a good woman makes you a role model, and on Mother’s Day, I’d like to salute all women who know, love and/or raise young women.

And if you weren’t acknowledged on Mother’s Day by your children or stepchildren…  you still need to celebrate yourself.

A special note to stepmoms- you often fall in the cracks on mother’s day. But you play an important supporting role in your stepchildren’s lives. When my stepchildren were younger, they actually would make me something in school, but as they are now teenagers, I don’t ask or expect gifts from my stepchildren.

Sometimes, teenage stepchildren (and all stepchildren) need you to give them some slack because they are more aware of any conflicting feelings by their biological mom.


That’s right. You heard me.   If you are a Mom or Stepmom and were not acknowledged by the children in your life for Mother’s Day or maybe they are too young or whatever the circumstances may be…,  don’t let that keep you from recognizing yourself and gifting yourself.  

Go out there and plan your own After Mother’s Day.  Say to yourself what you wish your kids or stepkids would say to you!  You aren’t perfect and that’s okay, but you are doing the best that you can. And that is good enough. Your partner/husband/or friends can celebrate your mom/stepmom accomplishments with you.  Gift yourself because you deserve it.

A toast in your honor for Mother’s Day! Here’s to you and whatever role you play as a woman in being, knowing and raising good women.