Knowing you can trust someone when you need help with a delicate life situation can be a blessing. The Bridge Across brings you the dedication, credibility, and experience you need to help you thrive in your relationships. We help single parent families and stepfamilies, and the professionals and organizations that work with them. Why come to us for the support you need? Here are six great reasons:

We specifically address issues faced by single parents and stepfamilies.

Single parents and stepfamilies are a unique family structure and, therefore, face unique challenges. Since we understand these specific family dynamics, we spend less time focusing on the problem and a lot more time focusing on you and the solutions that are right for your specific situation.

You will be supported by someone who has experienced your situation.

Mike and Jayna Haney, founders of The Bridge Across, have both been divorced, have experienced being a single parent, and when they married each other, both became stepparents to each other’s children. They know the ups and downs of the different phases of life that stepfamilies and single parent’s experience.  AND they have also learned the best practices in managing these life changes and challenges.

We are not afraid of the tough issues AND we know what works.

Family conflicts, high-conflict exes, stepfamily couple partnering, stepparent frustration, single parent life—we offer programs for all these and more. If your family life needs changing, we can show you a better way via step-by-step systems, hard fought knowledge, and unwavering support.

We provide ongoing support by phone, email, and workshops.

We provide you with ongoing help to achieve your family goals through the latest and best solutions. Apart from having real life experiences, we’re constantly learning from the newest research findings and honing our skills by attending trainings by the best professionals in the field.

We have a proven track record of success with individuals, professionals, and organizations.

We’ve helped many single parent families and stepfamilies like yours enrich their relationships. We know how to help you identify and overcome what is keeping you from moving forward.  We can help you.

We can work with organizations on programs specific to their members.

We don’t just help individuals but entire groups as well. We understand that organizations want their members to be on the same page. We can help your group achieve that.

Whatever issue you may be facing as a single or stepparent, we’ve got you covered. Take the first step by contacting The Bridge Across at 832.779.2120 today.