At The Bridge Across, we help single parents and stepfamilies find strategies and solutions, as well as receive continuous support to address specific hurdles, problems, or needs that they face.

Founded by Jayna Haney in 2006, The Bridge Across has helped many families find answers to issues such as single parent life, high-conflict exes, stepfamily couple partnering, stepparent frustration, family conflicts, and the like. We do this through a step-by-step program we developed called SANITY, which is specifically designed to help single parents and stepfamilies:

  • S – Start the Journey With The Bridge Across and Get the Support You Need
  • A – Access Your Power by Understanding the Dynamics
  • N – Nix the Drama  by Managing Your Reactions, Fear and Anxiety
  • I – Install New Patterns
  • T – Take Off the Responsibilities That Are Not Yours
  • Y – Yes to a New Story Where YOU Are the Hero/Heroine

For many families, the first step to getting help can be the most difficult step to take. Fear, guilt, shame, uncertainty, and blame, can get in your way. These are all normal feelings. In fact, they are an integral part of taking the first step toward change. They signify that you are no longer willing to live your life the way it is now. You have reached awareness that there is hope for change in your particular situation.

The Bridge Across is here to help you take that first step. We guide you toward achieving the dynamic changes you want to happen in your family’s relationship.

The Bridge Across equips single parents, stepfamilies—as well as the professionals and organizations that work with them—with the practical tools, strategies, and programs they need to achieve their specific goals for the family. Delete the following sentence: The number of sessions that you have with us will depend on the level of distress, the family’s commitment to the relationship, and to the type of counseling itself.

Call us today at 832.779.2120 to learn more about our services and how we can help.