The Bridge Across exists to bring hope to people and organizations that seek to improve their relationships through practical information, programs, education, workshops, coaching, and consultation services. We provide extended support through phone, email, in person appointments, and, soon, in-person groups.


At The Bridge Across, we help single parents and stepfamily couples navigate their pathway to SANITY with a step by step systems and unwavering support, so they can achieve real and lasting happiness for themselves and their families. The Bridge Across provides religious and community organizations with effective and simple programs to support the single parents and stepfamilies they serve. 


A world where single parents and stepfamily couples feel fully supported, recognized, empowered, and affirmed to change the course of their lives for themselves and their children.

Core Values

Hope – Despite what a family may have gone through or is going through, there is always hope for the future. We will help you gain the courage and self-awareness needed to work through your problems and move toward the best future for you.

Service – We have helped thousands of single parents and stepfamilies receive the practical strategies, tools, and programs they need to enhance their relationships. We do the things that make a big difference.

Inclusion and Diversity-  Our programs serve families in every culture.

Timely-  Single parents and stepfamily couples need immediate help and steps.  We understand that answers and guidance are needed often in crisis situations.

Empowerment-  Step and single parent families are not powerless and can create a better way of life for themselves and their families with the right kind of support and guidance.

Truth-  We give straight talk and specific steps that can be taken.  We will always tell the truth.

Encouragement – Encouraging others is our primary focus. We want to inspire healthy, purposeful, and satisfying lives and families, and give the guidance and pathway to getting there.

Foundation – We want to build a supportive relationship founded on respect and equality.

The Bridge Across partners with many community organizations to help them set up programs and services for members that belong to single parent families and stepfamilies. If you would like to partner with us, you may call us at 832.779.2120. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you realize the family life you’ve always wanted.