Since 2006, The Bridge Across has been dedicated to serving the needs of single parents and stepfamilies. Our professional counseling team has helped thousands of individuals, couples, and families reach their goals and experience more satisfying and fulfilling lives. Here are what some of the people we’ve helped have to say about us:

“I have been blessed to receive the patient and insightful help of Jayna Haney in dealing with my ex-wife. Jayna gave me the tools that I needed to handle a difficult relationship.  I have dramatically improved my relationship with my kids and my ability to deal with the disruptive and crazy drama of my ex.  Jayna has been and still is a constant source of strength.”

Joe – Single dad of two boys, divorced for 10+ years.

“Jayna’s program was very helpful. It was the only resource of many, many I read that gave me practical how to’s and a realistic framework to work with. The ability to schedule a time to work through the material was even more beneficial.  We finally have peace in our home.”

Debra – Stepmom of three children, remarried for 4 years

“Jayna Haney knows exes, like no one else. She completely “gets” the whole drama scene and the uproar exes cause. Once she worked with me through the Exes and Answers program and taught me what I needed to know, I finally know how to handle myself and my expectations.”

Susan – Bio mom and Step mom of five children, remarried for 2 years

“This program gave me hope that things can get better and confirmed that our problems are typical of stepfamilies. We are not as “bad off” as we thought. We are not crazy or dysfunctional! Yes, we are normal!”


“This class is definitely worth it if only for the reading materials and exercises alone. If a couple is committed to doing the work, then the material can be an excellent guide to a more harmonious course of couplehood and family.”


“I feel the program has given me the tools to reconnect with my wife and my children!  I have always felt an incredible amount of love for them, I just didn’t have the communication skills for these most important relationships. I am more consistent with my message and am better able to communicate love to my family members.”


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