Coping with the drama and all the emotional trauma and stress after parting ways with your former spouse is hard enough, now you’ll also have to deal with raising your child on your own. While this colossal task is a rewarding one in the end, the road can be filled with bumps and obstacles to the point that you may even doubt yourself.

Though you might face these common single parent problems along the way, you can emerge triumphant over these obstacles once you have the support of the people around you.

More Tasks

Back when you were still sharing a house with your former spouse, it’s easy enough to split the household chores and how you’ll spend your time with your kids. Now that you’re raising your kid on your own, your responsibilities double, from doing the laundry, helping your kids do their homework, and cooking their dinner. These might seem like a full day’s worth for most single parents, but they often find a time to rest and unwind unless they want to burn themselves out from exhaustion.

Financial Needs

Single parents acknowledge the fact that they can only rely on their own salaries to make ends meet for their family. Most single parents might receive child support, but the amount they receive isn’t exactly worth a second income that could be enough to pay the bills and ensure that there’s always food in the table.

Dealing with Your Ex

Even after parting ways, your former spouse will want to see their children and support them the best way they can. Issues like joint custody, child support, visitation and even decision making for your child are often raised when you meet with your ex, often leading to disagreements and arguments. Most single parents feel overwhelmed and hopeless particularly when dealing with their high conflict exes in Houston, making the task of raising their child harder and bigger.

Why It’s Worth It

At the end of the day, raising your child on your own can impress on them the values of being self-reliant and independent, skills that they could further hone as they grow up. Most people fail to see much of the advantages of being a single parent, since the problems often overshadow them, but there are ways you can get through. You can try being a committed parent by putting your responsibility skills to the test, all the while seeking support and help from family, close friends, and institutions like The Bridge Across. Single parents will always encounter problems now and then, but with the right help, raising a child can be a successful, rewarding task.


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