Are you having trouble co-parenting?  Dealing with a crazy ex? Former spouse saying or doing things that confuse and hurt you or the children?

Living with or married a partner whose ex is driving you crazy? Getting sued by an ex? We know how painful that can feel. All of these issues are confusing and scary and frustrating. What can you do?

Yes, there are parents who work together successfully after divorce. Unfortunately, in too many situations, an ex-spouse will create challenges – and they can feel overwhelming. Often your ex spouse will have upset emotions that are contagious – and these emotions can hook you into a cycle with you ex that is unhealthy for both of you… and your children.

Many professionals have no idea how to handle these challenges because they are unique to divorce and remarriage.

But with a guide and expert who understands and is trained in this particular area, there are many ways to get a handle on these issues and find ways to manage and move forward in your life.

Really. Yes, you can. And we can help you:

  • Confidently communicate with the ex in ways that de-escalate
  • Step by step healthy plan for dealing with your ex’s behavior
  • More easily manage your emotions and behaviors, so you stay sane
  • Talk with the children about the problem without badmouthing the ex
  • Keep your home a haven, even when it feels like you are being targeted
  • Manage feelings of loss and confusion when an ex-spouse negatively changes their behavior
  • Wrestle with loyalty conflicts – yours and your children’s
  • Prepare your emotions, yourself, and a plan when being sued by an ex
  • How to recognize a high conflict ex – and what to do about it
  • Deal with former relatives and friends of your ex-spouse
  • …and many more

Seeing your former partner – the one you used to love – turn into someone else can be painful and traumatic.

The pain can be especially bad when your children are involved – and it only gets worse when your ex uses the legal system against you. It’s hard to believe your former spouse may sue you, but it happens all too often. Your lawyer can help you on the legal side – but we can provide the support you need to get through these emotional challenges.

Ready to go? Schedule a consultation to learn how we can start working together right away. A free 20-minute initial conversation is available to answer your questions.

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