Wrestling with the challenges of bringing families together?

Seeking ways to create a home with children revolving in and out of your home?

Disagreeing about discipline or the best way to manage your home and your family?

It can be complicated – but we have found the most effective and successful ways to build a stronger and empowered stepfamily.

Step by step, learn about the dynamics and get real life solutions and problem solving to stepfamily issues such as:

  • Keep the love and passion while working through the challenges of stepfamily life
  • Learn how to partner, build couple strength, and improve communication
  • Heal the trauma of being targeted by an ex
  • Support each other as parent and stepparent
  • Form relationships with the new stepchildren in your family…
  • …while loving and caring for your biological children
  • Determine and feel confident in parent and stepparent roles
  • Find agreement and support around discipline and behavior of children and family
  • Address and find solutions for transition and visitation challenges
  • Manage holidays, weekends, and summer schedules successfully
  • Frustration with outside parties: in-laws, friends and former friends
  • …and many more

You can make your partnership work, love your children – and have a satisfying stepfamily life – by getting the support and gaining the knowledge you need. All while keeping the passion and love that brought you together in the first place.

Because I’ve been working with stepfamilies for more than a decade, I help stepfamily couples find solutions, piece of mind, and more confidence quickly- usually in as few as one to six sessions. (I know that stepfamilies need help fast- I’m a wife, mom and stepmom in a stepfamily for more than 15 years).

Ready to go? Schedule a consultation to learn how we can start working together right away. A free 20-minute initial conversation is available to answer your questions.

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