Don’t. Give. Up. (especially when you want to)

Sep 18, 2019 | Difficult Situations, Parenting, Single Parents

I know, I know. It’s hard. Life gives you stuff you are pretty sure is a giant mistake and you shouldn’t have to be dealing with it. But there it is anyway. When moments (days, weeks, months or years) like that happen, here are three ways to pick yourself up and move forward:

Be grateful

Gratitude is the one of the best ways to deal with the feeling that you are lacking something. Start making a list everyday of five things for which you are grateful. Make them simple. Often things we take for granted, like clean sheets on your bed, a roof over your head, food in your stomach, the sun in the sky, or the rain, flowers and … you get the picture. It doesn’t take long to see that you have more to be happy for than you thought. List five things everyday.

Take the long view

Things are always changing, and there are times when we just can’t see how it all works out. My brother says it’s not because the light isn’t there at the end of the tunnel. It’s because the end of the tunnel is bent. The light is actually right around the corner; you just can’t see it yet.

You don’t (and can’t) know everything. Stay open to what you don’t know and don’t understand instead of fighting it. It’s okay to not see the light, but it’s there.

Go one day at a time

“One day at a time” is used in AA for a reason. When the going gets rough, really rough, really, really tough, stay focused on today. This day. It will never come again. In the middle of your pain and your hurt, be present in the day, focus on the people you love, and do the things you need to do. Laugh, cry, breathe, work, exercise, love, share, and pray. Whatever it takes to get through this day.

Remember: Tomorrow is a new day and presents a whole new set of opportunities.

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