Does Love Hurt and the Missing Piece

You’ve heard them, right? Songs about love and how it hurts. In fact, love is so awful in some of those that it even causes death. They can be quite comical. Maybe that’s why I love this Greg Tamblyn video where he sings a quick song called the “Top 10...

Making Your Marriage Work: Part 2

Every couple starts with a story. A tale of how they met, what they felt, why they drew near to one another. It describes moments like: Sharing that first cup of coffeeThe time he first brought her flowersThat first time they went to a movie and forgot about the...

Making Your Marriage Work

Emotionally intelligent couples are intimately familiar with each other’s world. Each partner knows so much about the other: All the relevant information about their partner’s lifeMajor events in their historyHow they feel about their boss, their coworkers and their...

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