Does Love Hurt and the Missing Piece

Feb 19, 2020 | Great Resources

You’ve heard them, right? Songs about love and how it hurts. In fact, love is so awful in some of those that it even causes death. They can be quite comical. Maybe that’s why I love this Greg Tamblyn video where he sings a quick song called the “Top 10 Whiny Victim Love Songs.” I just have to share it with you.

We want to make sure we don’t confuse what people say in those over-the-top love songs with real love.

Real love is so much more and wants us to be more. As Iyanla Van Zant says, “Love is so much more than just a good feeling. It is much more than just being needed or having your needs met.”

I came to realize that love is an inner, personal experience of total well-being that did not match any picture I had ever seen or song I’d ever heard. 

Have you ever heard the story of the Missing Piece Meets the Big O? I love this little book because it talks so much about what we think love is and what it isn’t. I had a lot of those kinds of experiences. 

We understand why it is important to experience this oneness with our heart and our mind. We are a whole person, and this is the journey of love and life. We are no longer a missing piece looking for someone to complete us. We are a whole person who brings so much more to every relationship. 

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