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Mar 20, 2020 | Difficult Situations

As our world has moved into a whole new place in the past week, I just want you to know that I am still working with all clients and accepting new clients.

I already work with clients providing coaching and counseling by phone or video conference here in Houston, in the state and in other states. Often, it is simply more convenient for clients to talk that way plus it is confidential and HIPAA Compliant. I am also able to work with my clients around their schedule including evenings and some Saturdays.

I can see all clients by video conference including children, couples, and families. Yes, there are many creative and wonderful ways to help this way. Even though it may seem less personal for some, it can actually be very powerful.

I also offer EMDR online which is a very effective trauma protocol. During this time of ongoing stress for many, EMDR can provide positive resourcing and strengthening as well as processing and relief for negative thoughts, triggers, anxiety, and panic.

The virus itself and the uncertainty of this time, financially and otherwise, can cause a lot of anxiety and concern for many children and adults. With everyone at home, there can be some positive things about this time of togetherness, but it can also be stressful. Juggling work and children, homeschooling your kids, figuring out how to live 24/7 with your partner when you are used to just seeing each other at nights or on weekends. Not to mention the difficulties that many may be having regarding the old or new issues with their co-parent and transitioning children back and forth.

So whether you need a brief appointment of 15 or 30 minutes to help you save money; you’re looking for a new way to process some anxiety that is coming up; you and your partner are in need of a plan to support each other during all these changes; or your children are struggling, call me.

I am here for you. We will figure it out together. You are not alone. Learn more at https://www.thebridgeacross.com/. Or call me at 832-779-2120.

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