New Resource: Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety

Sep 23, 2020 | Resource

When the pandemic settled in March, I got busy doing some learning! I did a whole training certification course with Lynn Lyons on working with children and teens with anxiety.

As a solution focused therapist, I am always looking for other solution focused therapists who will help me get to the heart of the matter with my clients faster, so they can get on with their own lives more successfully. I was thrilled to learn about Lynn’s unique, practical and effective model for anxiety and worry that both adults and children can use.

Rather than relying on coping skills such as breathing, which is important but can’t be the primary go to, I have loved being able to teach my clients (both adults and children) a unique way to move forward by learning about how anxiety works. That is seeing what your anxiety does to you, understanding what your brain and body are doing, practicing dealing with your anxiety, talking back to your anxiety, and helping parents learn how to coach their children when worry and anxiety strike.

It’s been very effective and fits beautifully in with my own work with families in teaching flexible thinking, managed emotions, and moderate behaviors. Recently Lynn has started a podcast and it’s fantastic.

If you would like to have help on the school year, have an anxious or depressed child or teenage,  or need some support in this area, I highly recommend you listen to her podcast. Or you can follow her on Facebook page.


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