Make Your Home a Haven

Oct 2, 2020 | Relationships, Resource

If you haven’t heard it yet, last week we invited you to listen to our podcast with the amazing Ron Deal. It’s full of laughter, information and some down to earth practices that help any couple make it through whatever life or anyone else is tossing their way.  

As a recap, Daily Practices for Happy Stepcouples is for all kinds of couples, not just stepcouples, and not just happy couples. On the contrary, it was about the little things Mike and I did when we came together and started having many challenges.  

One of the practices we focused on in our relationship early on was to treat our home like a haven and call everything else noise. It is important to make your home the one place where you are safe. This means that when the outside world, people or events create problems, you and your partner need to come together and agree that it is less important than your life, your faith, and your family.

Home should be a place that you can count on your spouse to love and care for you. Keep doing that, even when you are having trouble communicating. This is where the friendship part of marriage comes into play. This is also where you support each other in focusing on what you want to focus on. Marinating in your problems will keep you problem saturated. 



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